Locc Systems & Technology t/a SUPPORT-IT was founded in 2008 by Lee Odendaal.
Our Unrivaled Passion for Technology enables us to deliver Comprehensive and Advanced Computing, Networking, Voice & Internet Services to Start-Ups, SMME’s & Private sectors.
We approach our Practices differently.We believe in tailor made Products and Service to accommodate each sector to fit their budget, always enabling and providing our Customers with Plans A-Z to make Technology work.
With our expertise and experienced teams and partners we can offer almost limitless possibilities to make any requirements a reality.
Our Core Focus on Business, along with our growing Team, Knowledge & Expertise, is to Support our Systems & Customers, ensuring Productivity and eliminating unnecessary Costs.
With every project, big or small, our Customers can always expect exceptional after sales support.
Quote from the Owner: “I’ll rather make a Loss than to Loose something Valuable”

Internet - Uncapped Wireless

Wireless Internet offers much more data and is a better alternative or generally a better service than conventional or problematic dsl or broadband connectivity & infrastructure.
Standard Equipment and Installation Conditions Applies
Business Packages may be subject to Feasibility, Port & Last Mile Connection fees.
Wireless requires Line of Sight to our nearest towers. 
Fair Use & Data Policies obtained from Application form or Contact us for more Information
We have Partnered with some of South Africa's biggest wireless internet service providers, offering a wide variety of internet packages. We are not limited to a specific area, but mainly focus our sales and support in the Southern Gauteng areas.
Home packages ranging from 2Meg up to 50Meg Speeds, Uncapped Data, tailored to our Customers' specific needs.
For Businesses or Business applications we may offer speeds of up to 500Mbps through dedicated Point to Point Microwave Links. 
Wireless Internet works with an External CPE device which connects to one of the available Towers in the area. Such a connection does require Line of Sight (LOS) to the tower.
CONTACT US for any inquiries and offerings

Internet - Fixed LTE


Computers - Repairs & Services

Repairs & Upgrades
We supply parts and components and repair most Branded Desktop, Notebook and Server Computers. Allow us to evaluate the problem before replacing an entire system.
Upgrading key components in most devices are considerably cheaper and may just squeeze some additional love in your older but faithful computing companion.
Data Recovery
Lost data?
With our High Success rate we may recover your data from most physically or mechanically faulty Hard disks, SD Cards and USB Drives. 
Server RAID Arrays may also be reconstructed to minimize total data loss

Shop Online - CLICK TEK

SUPPORT-IT and CLICK TEK have joined forces and are affiliated to you the best Service and Support along with the comfort of Shopping Online for all your Computer, Notebooks, PC Components, Gaming and Gadget Needs.
CLICK HERE to visit their Site

Networking - Local & Wireless

Local Area Networks
From Site Surveys & Feasibility Checks all the way through to Planning and Implementation, we are a trusted service provider for all your network cabling infrastructure needs.
Reach incredible local network speeds exceeding 8Gbps through certain structured cabling and 1.8Gbps through wireless Networking. All backed by Superior Expertise, Support and World Class hardware brands.
Long Distance Networks
With a proven track record and references we have successfully constructed long distance networking through wireless technology at Residential Estates and Farms. Many of such applications used includes CCTV Monitoring and Building to Building networks where cabling is not feasible.
Some rural area applications are powered by Solar power.
No Application is impossible!

Voice - Low cost Calling

Voice over IP Service requires an active and stable Internet Connection at all times.
We recommend dedicated 2 Mpbs download and 800 Kbps upload speed for every 2-4 Users.
Usage and Network Conditions apply.

Antivirus - Internet Protection

Protect your Online Presence
When we are on the Internet, we expose ourselves to all kinds of internet threads. Hackers and Cyber thieves makes it their mission to pray on unsuspected Internet users through clever phishing and click-bait techniques.
There are countless legitimate looking websites and applications, it seems almost impossible to distinguish the fake from the real. Computing and Browsing Etiquette may just not be enough and then Havoc strikes ...
Protect your Online Presence. We supply and configure protection with some of the world's most famous internet protectors. Below Retail prices.  
Less Concern Remote Monitoring, Firewall and Device control
Service Level Agreements includes Remote Monitoring using state of the art Software and Cloud Platform. Limit your Employees' Internet usage with our Firewall platform and protect your data and limit removable storage devices with our Device Control technology.

Surveillance - Control & Tactical

Protect your Belongings and Loved One's
Crime rates are ever increasing and we are forced to take action. Be one step ahead with a Surveillance System.
Monitor the movements of your staff and detect suspicious behaviors. Rewind & Play back any incidences.
Automate your entrances' doors and gates with Vehicle and Pedestrian traffic control.
With our expertise of cabling or long distance wireless networks, no area, big or small will be unmonitored.
We have partnered up with Bio-Metric Access Control Specialists and supply and install only World Class branded Equipment, enabling us to be an all in one contact for all Security requirements.

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